Monday, December 24, 2012

What is NREMT ?

What is NREMT?


National Registry of Emergency Technician (NREMT) was established in 1970. Most states uses NREMT testing for some level of state certification. NREMT recognizes 3 levels of EMT. These are basicintermediate and paramedic .

Levels of certification 
- National Registry Paramedic (NRP)
-Naitonal Registry Advanced Emergency Medical Technician (NRAEMT)
- National Registry of Emergency Technician (NREMT)
- National Registry Emergency Medical Responder (NREMR)

You can apply for NREMT exam here apply form. It is really simple. Just create a new account at . You should complete all your personal information. After that create a new application. You should pay a little fee for application. (Application fee). It is done. If you want to read details check Steps for application .

How much is application fee? 

It is based on your chooice. For example; first responder = 10$ , EMT-Basic-Intermediate= 15$, EMT-Paramedic = 20$ .

Apply today and start study to exam. And i offer you a downloadable audio format study guide. You can start Download here. NREMT exam is a big deal. But if you study with some help, I am sure you will pass this exam. Good luck.

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