Sunday, January 20, 2013

Drug list for NREMT-EMT

         We are impressing every side of emt study for nremt exam. In this case Drug information is very important leg of our emt training.
Lets talk about some drugs that you need to know before taking NREMT-EMT exams. If you keep follow this paramedic study guide, You'd learn every drug that you need to know.
Attention, remember that package amounts may vary. Always use NR dosages while taking the NREMT exam.


Atropine: Package, 1mg - 10cc

                 Dose: Around 5mg-1mg
                 Actions : Potent anticholinergic  that reduces vagal tone and thus increases automatically the SA node and increases A-V conduction.

Albuterol : Package, Premixed unit dose 2,5mg in 2,5ml NS.
                   Dose : 2,5mg- 3cc
                   Actions: Primarily a beta-2 sympathomimetic ,  as such produces bronchodialtion, because of its  specificity for beta 2 adrenergic it produces lower cardiovascular side affects and more prolonged bronchodilation than isoproterenol.

Adenosine : Package: 6mg - 2cc
                     Dose: 6mg- 12mg- 12mg,
                     Action: It's decreasing conduction through the AV node,  %50 life is less than: 10

          Remember that package amounts may vary, and always make sure to use the NR dosages while taking the NREMT exam. There are a lot of important drugs to learn about for exam during your EMT training. If you follow us you won’t miss any of the important information you need, and you can ask us anything you want to know about the National registry exam. The NREMT study guide is available for your success and to help you with your EMT study. If you want a new and fresh approach for your studying, it is time to check out our best NREMT study guide.


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