Saturday, January 19, 2013

Paramedic Study Guide - Abbreviations

Another important emt studying for nremt exam is abbreviations. Today I will tell you very important paramedic abbreviations. The following abbreviations may help in the nremt emt exams. Abbreviations are a new study part of our paramedic study guide. All these informations will support "Audio paramedic study guide".

ABCs   meaning is        - airway  breathing ventilation circulatory status

ACE     meaning is        - angiotensin converting enzyme

ADA    meaning is        - Americans with Disabilities Act

ADH    meaning is        - Antidiuretic hormone

AED    meaning is        - Automated external defibrillator

AIDS   meaning is        - Acquired immune deficiency syndrome

ALS     meaning is        - Advanced Life Support

AMI    meaning is         - Acute myocardial infarction

APGAR  meaning is     - Appearance, pulse , grimace, activity, respirations

ANSI  meaning is         - American National Standards Institute

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ARDS  meaning is        - Adult respiratory distress syndrome

ASA   meaning is         - Aspirin

ATP    meaning is         - Adenosine triphosphate (body’s energy source)

AV     meaning is          - Atrioventricular

AVPU  meaning is       - Mental status responsiveness check ; alert, responds to verbal or painful stimuli, unresponsive

BLS   meaning is          - Basic Life Support

BP or B/P meanin is     - Blood pressure

BPM  meaning is          - Beats per minute

BSI   meaning is           - Body substance isolation

BVM   meaning is        - Bag valve mask

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  1. These are some useful abbreviations that I would need for my next semester.

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  3. There are things I can not understand but I will learn it. I think nothing is too late. Then I realized that I had improved a lot.


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